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Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel Door Handle

Polished nickel hardware and doors are among the most popular choices for those wanting to add elegance and a modern flair to their homes. Polished nickel is extremely durable and provides a shiny, smooth finish that can change in colour with even different lighting, creating polished nickel door handles, which are a much more pronounced statement piece. Satin nickel can be light or dark in colour and is typically seen in more natural-looking home decor. Brushed nickel has a more waxy or oily shine and is typically found in modernist or contemporary styled home decor as it gives a feeling of solidity or an effortless clean look to the piece. Polished nickel can also be painted to match various home decorating styles, although you may need to select a coordinating paint to achieve the effect.


Both brushed nickel door handles and satin nickel door handles require a backplate to complete the look. The backplate is an accessory to the door’s hardware and usually includes a flat or convex finish. Brushed nickel has the option of having no backplate included in the hardware, or you can choose to add a backplate to your door handles. A polished finish typically does not need a backplate.

If you have satin nickel door handles and would like to add some pizzazz and shine to them, you will find that the best way to do so is to add some acrylic paint. Acrylic paints will help give your satin nickel door handles a more shiny and bright finish than would be found with plain brushed nickel. First, you should start by applying an even layer of paint to your backplate to create a smooth surface to which you can apply your acrylic paint. Next, you will need to carefully smooth the back of your handles until they are free of any bumps, scratches or deep crevices. Once you have finished this process, you will be ready to apply your acrylic paint.

If you want a brushed nickel finish with a little more pizzazz to it, you will find that a simple solution is to use a satin nickel plate, such as those sold at most home improvement stores. The easiest way to accomplish a brushed nickel look with your stainless steel fixture is to paint the entire thing black. Then, use a very thin layer of clear lacquer on the entire piece, and then add a couple of layers of the brushed nickel strips that match the colour of your stainless steel fixture. This will help give your brushed nickel door handles a finished, brushed nickel tone, just like the ones seen on many kitchen appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. If you would prefer to go a step further in adding a little extra pizzazz to your brushed nickel door handles, you may want to consider adding some brass striping or a satin nickel spade that matches the colour of your fixture.