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What You Must Know About GasFlux Tech

Australia’s leading monitoring technology designed for detecting the presence of dangerous and hazardous ground gas called the Gasflux Tech is arguably the most reliable and effective solution to the promotion of safety in areas where there is suspected presence. For stakeholders and interested parties like you who still aren’t aware of this system, the first thing you must know is that it is the only one that comes equipped with the monitoring ability for continuous gas and flow. Hence, it is a practical solution for ground gas applications, regardless of the industry or purpose.


The technology essentially allows the real-time monitoring of areas where there is a possibility of the existence of hazardous ground gas, including that of brownfield sites and landfills. There arguably is a compelling need for continuous monitoring and unique scenarios, the purpose of which is to come up with an accurate and comprehensive prediction of the behaviour of ground gas underneath. It is true that industries find it challenging to determine if the gas is hazardous, but the fact that the monitoring system detects presence is enough reason to come up with security and safety measures. Nowadays, thousands of companies and industries take advantage of Gasflux since all of them who tried realised that it is the perfect solution for carbon sequestration projects, fracking, as well as for monitoring in landfill sites.


The Gasflux technology includes features and functionalities that no other competing system can replicate, including that of the monitoring of the concentration and flows continuously, monitoring air and gas coupled with real-time reporting through cloud technology, as well as the process of data capture automation. It also covers building datasets which are more accurate for interpretation, cost reduction through the process of de-risking sites, data transmission in the real-time, precise building of ground gas behaviour, and faster project deliveries.


It also is worthy of mentioning that the regular monitoring of concentrations does not provide the most accurate reading or interpretation. Once you depend solely on spot flow measurements, you most likely will end up describing sites on an overly conservative estimation. It usually increases the cost of growing gas protection strategies as well as other preventative steps. On the other hand, the Gasflux system takes advantage of modern cloud-based technology which encourages the smooth and seamless flow of data. As a result, you are affording stakeholders much-improved access via a mobile device. Likewise, the system integrates a sensor technology that allows stakeholders to connect them with the sensors embedded in manifolds, engines, and flares. Hence, it will enable you to monitor the device even if you are in a different area or location. Finally, the technology is versatile enough to let you work on different environments and situations, including that of landfills, coal mining, biogas, water, and others.