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How Do You Know You Need New Windows?

If you need new windows, you must focus on putting your money on it because they play an essential role in keeping the comfort and safety of your family. The windows are a part of the house that you do not give that much attention, but when they no longer can function the way they’re supposed to, you must be responsible enough to replace them.


You should invest in new windows by ArborCrest if you notice the following signs:


1 – You hear more outside noise than usual.


Poor installation or improper sealing might be the primary reasons why your windows only provide you with little protection from the sounds outdoors. Thus, if you want to decrease the level of noise you hear outdoors from the buzzing neighbourhood and busy roads, installing a new double or triple glass windows with insulation is necessary.


2 – You feel a draft even with closed windows.


If you still feel a breeze from your windows even though it is already closed, undoubtedly there is something wrong in it. It is either due to poor installation, faulty seals or many more. The temperature of your home can be drastically affected if you have a damaged window. Not only that but also your monthly energy bills might increase because you might need to use your heaters or coolers more often than usual.


3 – You notice the frames becoming soft, chipped or water damaged.


If your windows frame shows chipping, cracking or is already too soft to touch, it is best to replace it with new windows by ArborCrest immediately because the damage is already beyond repair. Soft window frames mean rot and water infiltration. If this will not be fixed as soon as possible, it will eventually sag which is not good for your home.


4 – You find it difficult to open, close and lock the windows.


Windows that have balance issues are the effect of improper installation. Because of that, opening, closing or locking your windows becomes extremely difficult. Aside from that, rotting or rusting windows can also be challenging to use. If your windows do not function properly, you might not be able to lock it and as a result, imposes a lot of risks. It is necessary to install your windows properly to keep your family and home safe always; and undoubtedly, it is your priority.


5 – There already is condensation build up between glass layers or cracked window glass.



Failed seals allow moisture between the glass panes which will eventually result in the frosting that will crack the glass. If this happens, any insulating gas used to make the window energy efficient will vanish. As a result, the air will leak in and out of your window wasting the energy from your cooling and heating units.