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Types of Fit Out Works for Commercial Settings

Building fit outs are becoming more popular than ever as many companies discover how beneficial these construction services are. These services range from small to big projects, depending on how you want the building or office to be refurbished. CFI Adelaide Commercial Fit Outs are recommended for companies that are seeking to improve the overall look of their workspaces.


There are different types of office fit outs that you can choose from. Pick the kind of service that best suits your current needs.


  1. Shell & Core


In this construction project, most of the work will be one for the basic structure of the rooms and other external structures of your business space. Depending on the agreement with your CFI Adelaide Commercial Fit Outs provider, you can extend the service in other areas of the main office. Such spaces included the staircase, basement, reception, and even parking areas.


  1. Category A


There are no specific services under this type of office fit out. However, most contractors are tasked to work on blinds, electrical setups, flooring, ceilings, and internal finishes. In this level, no furniture is included yet, and most of the work done is for surfaces.


  1. Category B


If you opt for this service, you should expect final finishes that will make your office spaces livable. These include furniture, lighting, wall fittings, cabinets, separate rooms for meetings, and the likes. You can develop the plan with your fit outs expert, so your preferences are integrated into the final design.


  1. Turnkey


In turnkey deals, your contractor will take care of everything from scratch. Once you “turn the key” to open your workspace, you will be amazed at the final output. Everything will be set, from the first curtain to the last flower vase.



Turnkey projects take more time than others since a single contractor will do everything. Don’t worry about every step of the way. Your fit outs expert will communicate closely with you to ensure that your preferences are not neglected. Only the best interest of your company and workers will be the foundation of these projects.


Commercial fit outs are best left in the hands of expert contractors. There are several “paperwork” related aspects of the project that you may not have time to settle. Your contractor can take care of this by ensuring that all construction work abides by local laws.


Consult with a professional fit outs provider today! Discuss your plans and let your provider know about the basic routines in the office. This will help them come up with a proposal for the design. Communicate your ideas well so your contractor can come up with the best results.