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Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Different Types of Air Conditioning SystemsThe best cooling solution for all homes and small businesses alike is a central air conditioning system, also known as an air handling unit. Central air is the most inexpensive, easiest to operate, and best for the long term. However, certain aspects need to be addressed if you are going with this solution. If you are new to air conditioning Melbourne or have used it before but are not happy with your current situation, you may want to read more about how to set up your system correctly.


A thermostat is what controls the temperature of your indoor air. There are two types of thermostats that you can use when setting up your air conditioning system; a mechanical or electronic thermostat. With an electronic thermostat, the user clicks a button rather than using a dial or knob.


Electronic air conditioning systems require a minimum of 1-inch clearance from walls and any obstacles to prevent electronic components damage. It is recommended that you place the electronic thermostat somewhere inconspicuous in easy to reach places like the ceiling or a closet. If you install a ducted heat and air conditioning Melbourne system, make sure that the ducts run where you would like them to, into the room you would like chilled air to come into. Again, be careful where you are placing the ducts to ensure they do not destroy walls or anything else.


Split-system air conditioners (also called split-systems) use a separate heating and cooling unit for both cooling and heating. Central air conditioning systems include a compressor, condenser, heat pump, evaporator, and expansion valve. Split air conditioning Melbourne systems were designed for spaces where only one heating and cooling unit are needed. They are not ideal for homes where multiple teams will be installed.


The different types of air conditioners have several standard features. They all have the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. There are also variable speed fan units, dryer units, and dehumidifiers. Split air conditioners include different types of electronic controls and temperature adjustment knobs. The air conditioner control knobs may be used to set the room temperature as well as the humidity.


When the refrigeration cycle continues, the compressor pulls hot refrigerant gas (also known as Freon) from the compressor to replace cooled air. The Freon then blows cool air through coils on the outside of the refrigeration cycle. It is essential to have a professional duct cleaning service to perform the proper cleaning and disposal of Freon. Leaving Freon in large amounts can lead to health problems.