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A Quick Guide to Attic Antenna Installation for Beginners

While most antennas will always perform better when they’re positioned outside, there are instances where it’s more convenient to use one that’s located inside your attic or roof space. When you’re going for an attic antenna installation, there are several factors that you should implement to ensure that you get the best signals possible. If you’re not aware of what attic antennas are, you can click here to read more about it. Also, you should know that there are limitations of using an antenna or aerial that’s located in the attic. However, it doesn’t compromise the quality if you install it a correction. But then again, you should know the different precautions when installing one in your attic or roof space.

When installing an attic antenna, here are some points that you should know:

Be Mindful of the Additional Attenuation

antenna installationWhen installing an antenna on your attic, you should remember that there will be walls or that are in between the antenna and the outside. These elements will add additional attenuation, which will increase with frequency. It’s often challenging to assess the actual amount of attenuation. However, it may indicate that an antenna with a larger gain is required. A pre-amplifier may be needed to ensure better signal and network quality. Also, be mindful of snow and when your roof tiles are wet as they will increase the attenuation that will result in a loss of signal or reception.

Keep Your Antenna Away from Internal Wiring

There’s often some internal wiring found within your attic or roof space. They can potentially affect the performance of your antenna. That’s why if you’re installing an attic antenna, make sure you keep it away from these wirings as much as you can. Click here to read a guide on how you can do this.

Keep Your Antenna Away from Sources of Interference

There can be sources of interference inside your attic. Even wiring can carry interference from elsewhere inside the house – that’s why you should keep your antenna away from wirings as indicated in the previous paragraph. In addition to that, you should also keep your antenna away from elements that can cause interference. Fluorescent lights, for example, can be a great source of considerable interference. Make sure your antennas are not installed in a way that is directed towards one.

For more professional tips on installing an antenna in your attic or roof space, click here to read more. You can also visit our website and book an appointment with our professional antenna installations team.