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Artificial Grass Adelaide – An Introduction to Artificial Turf

Artificial grass has been around for several decades now. And while it has been around, many people are unaware of its capabilities compared to natural grass. Whether you need it for a sports field, industrial site, or even residential property, artificial grass Adelaide can do just about anything you want it to. However, many people are hesitant when it comes to using artificial grass due to its appearance. But with proper maintenance, artificial grass can be an excellent asset for your property.

Natural grass is essentially a material composed of various grasses along with other organic matter. This material makes up the soil, and the texture gives a surface its elasticity. But with the invention of artificial grass Adelaide, many have realised that this material can provide the same look and feel like natural grass while at the same time increasing the property’s durability as well as usability, thanks to its high degree of water resistance.


If you have a large amount of land that needs to be covered, you might want to invest in some synthetic grass landscape installations. The best way to install artificial grass is to make use of a blade system. These systems consist of blades that are fitted at intervals along the length of the property. If you already have blades installed, all you need to do is replace them with brand new ones.

There are two kinds of artificial grass systems in the market today — those which come with backing and those that do not. Those that come with a backing, for example, require the installation of metal grids as their backing. These backing grids are then fixed to the underneath surface of the land, and the rows of blades are installed beneath these grids. This installation requires a significant investment in materials and labour costs, but the outcome is quite stunning.

On the other hand, artificial turf infill systems are made up of seamless steel blades fitted onto a mesh backing. When properly installed, the mesh backing will completely cover the blades and result in a seamless installation. Installing artificial turf infill is less expensive than installing a backing system and can prove to be even more cost-effective over time. Since the blades need to be replaced regularly, the installation process can prove to be relatively cost-effective. Homeowners who wish to install artificial grass Adelaide on their own can also follow DIY procedures to reduce the overall cost.