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The Importance and Value of Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is something that property owners shouldn’t be concerned with if they live in a house or building built recently. However, the same thing cannot be said for those who reside in places made before the 90s.  Even though the use of asbestos material in building and construction is no longer allowed in Australia, the risk of exposure to the harmful and deadly substance is still there, especially for old buildings and properties.


If you do not know it, then you should be aware that structures built in the early part of the 90s or before that have a high possibility of containing dangerous asbestos material. If you planned on moving into a new place but was built back in the day, you should, therefore, commission an asbestos testing – first. You never would want to put yourself and your family in danger of getting exposed to it since there are several conditions, most of which are deadly.



It is true that asbestos was once considered the ideal component in building and construction due to several attributes, but the health problems that correspond to exposure are scary enough that it has become illegal to use it. Asbestos testing is crucial because it will give you a reason to hire the experts in removing its presence on your property. If you do not invest in the testing procedure, there is a risk of developing the following conditions:


1 – Asbestosis


Asbestosis is a type of health condition that dramatically affects your lungs that will eventually lead to cancer. Continuous exposure to this damaging material can cause severe issues to you and your family’s overall health. It will slowly eat up your lungs until it can create more significant damage which will eventually increase the chances of getting lung cancer.


2 – Lung Cancer


As mentioned earlier, asbestosis is one of the immediate causes of lung cancer. However, asbestos has numerous means on how to affect your health through forming cells that blocks the passage of air which results in difficulty in breathing.


3 – Pleural Plaque and Effusion


Extensive exposure to asbestos can lead to another health risk or complication which is known as pleural plaque and effusion. It is a type of health condition wherein the lung tissues harden or fluids starts building up around the diaphragm and lungs too. If it is not detected and given treatment immediately, it can bring severe results or if worst comes to worst, death. Therefore, if you don’t want your family to suffer from any of those conditions, seek the services of asbestos testing – to ensure that your home is free from the deadly material.


4 – Mesothelioma


You will not only get lung cancer from asbestos, but you can also get a type of cancer which affects the tissues around the lungs and diaphragm which is known as mesothelioma. With the numerous health issues that asbestos brings, there is no arguing on how imperative asbestos inspection is.