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What Causes Blocked Drains?

One of the biggest plumbers in the world would surely know how to unclog a blocked drain. A blocked drain is perhaps the main conduit or path for unwanted wastewater or sewage liquids to be flaunted away, funnelled to a second receptacle, Funneled away or processed for different purposes. It can also cause severe plumbing problems like burst pipes, leaking taps, clogging sinks and other related problems. To get rid of it, you have first to find out the exact cause and problem and the right way to resolve or remedy it. So before calling the professional plumbing team for expert help, you should first learn how to unclog a blocked drain.

Blocked Drains SAOne of the most common causes of Blocked Drains SA is pipe blockages. Any object placed too far underground can easily create a pipeline that is difficult to pump. Some examples of objects that can create such pipeline are soil, vegetation, roots, dry leaves, debris, and snow. So as soon as you see any of these mentioned obstructions in your drainage system, do not hesitate to contact a local plumbing company and ask them for help. They will surely be able to repair or replace the broken or damaged pipes within no time.

Another cause of a blocked drain is grease buildup. Grease buildup is often caused by accumulated grease inside the pipelines. As the trapped grease collects inside the pipelines, it hardens and forms into a solid object. As a result, you may notice the blocked drain slowing down or backing up when you flush it with water. If you cannot determine the source of the grease blockage, it is best to contact a plumber to come and locate and fix it for you.

Poor water flow is another major cause of blocked drains. When water passes through poorly built-up pipes, the water may not be strong enough to pass through them, and it will eventually build up pressure inside the pipes. As more pressure builds up, it becomes increasingly difficult to discharge the trapped water inside the pipeline. Eventually, the flow of water will stop entirely and will have adverse effects on your drains. To solve this kind of problem, hire a plumber to install good water pipes and replace those damaged due to the buildup of excess pressure.

Many people also think it is their toiletries that are causing the clog in their drainage system. While it is true that some toiletries and cleaning agents can cause a buildup of limescale and trap dirt inside the pipes, there are many other reasons why your toiletries could be blocking your drain. In most cases, all you have to do to fix blocked drains is replace or clean the clog-causing toiletries.

Roots and tree roots are also other common culprits that can cause blocked drains. Tree roots can enter the pipes and embed themselves deep within them, and these roots can create problems with the strength of the pipes. If left unchecked, they can grow bigger and eventually break through the walls of the pipes and cause severe damage to the drain structure.

Finally, pipes that are experiencing slow draining can also be the cause of blocked drains. If the pipe isn’t properly maintained, it can make it more likely to develop a blockage. For this reason, hiring a qualified plumber is a good idea. With the help of a professional plumber, he can inspect your pipes and determine if there is a significant root problem causing the blockage.

Blocked drains can be avoided by ensuring that your drains are clear and well maintained. It is also important to keep up on timely pipe maintenance. By doing so, you can prevent them from developing into a major drain blockage. If you are having problems with your slow-drainage drains, contact a local plumbing company for more information.