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The Top Three Ways a Bonaire Evaporative Cooler Water Pump Can Benefit You

Evaporative cooling is known as the oldest form of climate control. It still exists today and is still garnering a lot of attention with the Bonaire evaporative cooler water pump and air conditioner. With its plethora of benefits and conveniences, it offers a variety of advantages over traditional air conditioners. It’s more cost-effective, produces efficient cooling, and produces fewer pollutants in the air. With that said, here are some of the benefits of an evaporative air cooler:

Eco-friendly Option

Refrigerated cooling, the one the most air conditioning systems use, causes the air to become dry. At the same time, it uses different chemicals during operation, which can potentially damage the atmosphere.

On the other hand, evaporative cooling uses 100% natural processes – in this case, the air that’s cooled using water. This process makes the air that’s released from the system far safer for the people and the environment. It also means the air is moist and not dry, which prevents throat or eye irritation. Overall, evaporative cooling is much better compared to other types of cooling.

Inexpensive Installation

The Bonaire evaporative cooler water pump offers a much cheaper installation cost. Installing an evaporative cooler is much lower compared to the costs associated with installer a regular air conditioner. The price for installation when you hire a professional installer ranges from $500 to $700, far less than the installation of other types of air conditioners, which is about $1000 and above. So as you can see, installation is relatively cheaper, which is one of the reasons why the evaporative cooler is the more convenient air conditioning unit compared to all the other AC units out there.

Minimal Operational Costs

While other air conditioners have expensive operational costs, an evaporative air conditioner is relatively lower. One of the key selling points of this system is its lower operational costs. Since it only requires enough amounts of power, you’ll end up paying 50% less when you compare it to other types of air conditioning units. Couple that with its cheap initial purchase prince and you’ve got a complete bang for your buck.

Unlike other types of air conditioners, the Bonaire evaporative cooler water pump offers the most benefits and convenience. Get one for your home now and experience all of the fantastic perks that it brings to the table. Visit our website today to learn more on how you can avail our high-end evaporative cooler.