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The Value of a Building Inspection

A Building Inspection Adelaide is probably the only way to determine if a house is worth the cost and the purchase. In this process, a professional inspector or appraiser specialising in house valuation is supposed to give you a standard real estate estimate. The building inspection will help in determining whether the property has certain qualities that will increase its value. Usually, a building is inspected based on whether it meets building codes or not. The inspector is also asked to evaluate the home’s security system, plumbing system, roofing system, heating system, a drainage system and others.

building-inspection-adelaideIf the building meets all these standards, it can easily be said that the building is definitely worth the cost. However, there are still some other factors that influence the value of a house. These are usually related to the structure, building materials and accessories, location, and other things. For example, defects in the structure will decrease its value. On the other hand, if defects are discovered after the inspection, then the inspector should check the repair jobs done before concluding that the house is structurally sound.

Usually, residential inspections are done on properties that are within a homeowner’s zone of responsibility. Meanwhile, commercial inspections are usually done on properties that are beyond the homeowner’s zone. Commercial buildings are usually inspected before they are allowed to be sold or rented. 

If a commercial building inspection finds damages, then the owner may be required to pay for repairs. In many cases, the property’s value will be less than the total amount that was assessed for the building. If the damages were found during the pre-listing inspection, the owner might still need to make repairs. Still, he won’t have to submit to a re-inspection or a certificate of occupancy (CO) before selling the property. However, if there are severe damages found during the post-inspection stage, then the occupancy certificate could be withheld until the building is ready for occupancy. For properties that are still not physically fit to hold a CO, the owner will need to get a building permit from the local government. The occupancy certificate serves as proof that the property meets all the building and zoning requirements needed to meet the state and local codes.

But why is a Building Inspection Adelaide so significant? There are several reasons for this. First, such inspections and examinations will help ensure that the buyer gets the most for his investment. For instance, if there are several problems with the structure or the facade, the buyer may have to renovate the entire commercial building before he can get a mortgage.

Thus, it is essential for those in the building construction business to have a thorough understanding of commercial building inspections and their importance to your business. A qualified, licensed inspector will help you find the problem before it becomes too late. If the inspector discovers several problems with the structure, he may suggest ways to fix them and make the building safe and appealing to potential buyers. On the other hand, a weak facade can make the building unattractive to potential buyers. A qualified inspector can point out the weak areas and recommend ways to strengthen it so that prospective buyers can easily see the building and not be put off by its appearance.

When hiring a commercial building inspector, ask about his training and experience. Find out if he is an expert in his field, and if he has been conducting inspections for some time. Such inspections should include a walk around the entire premises, which should be done at least once a year. Ask about the procedures he uses to identify problems, and if he is satisfied with the results. And, of course, talk to him on the telephone, so you are entirely comfortable with him.