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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have improved drastically over the past few years and there are now more options available than ever before. Today’s dental implants come in a variety of different forms, sizes and technologies to meet the needs of all patients and lifestyles. The mouth is one of the most complex places in the body. Having a missing tooth can result in the patient not being able to properly communicate, eat, speak or even take care of normal everyday activities. Thankfully, dental implants have evolved and come in the various forms and sizes that they do today.

A dental implants Adelaide from YES Dentistry is an artificial part that interfaces with the patient’s existing bone or jaw to sustain a dental implant including a full denture, bridge, dentures or even an orthodontic cement anchor. The most common form of dental implants is the implant root and the procedure is called dentures integration. This procedure involves fitting one or more full dentures into a titanium abutment, which is embedded in the jaw bone. Other types of implants include partial dentures implanted between the teeth, the full dentures that sit directly on top of them, and the innovation called dental implants, which are a permanent part of the bone.

dental-implants-adelaide-from-yes-dentistryPatients looking for dental implants are often encouraged to opt for the full abutment due to its longevity and ability to function for many years until it wears out and needs replaced. Full-term results and comfortable function are the primary benefits provided by a dental implants system compared to a partial-permanent solution. The abutment is implanted directly into the bone and the procedure is generally performed on the younger adult patient who has fully matured and is in good health. Once the abutment is successfully integrated into the bone, the dentist in dental implants Adelaide from YES Dentistry then fits the crown and a bridge.

Missing teeth can occur for various reasons and cannot be easily repaired through traditional dental practice. When multiple teeth in the mouth are missing, it may require extensive dental work to reinstate healthy functioning. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to this issue for shallow risk or complications. If one loses a single tooth, replacing the tooth is not possible, forcing the patient to rely on other teeth that may be misaligned or positioned improperly. Furthermore, replacement of a single tooth with a dental implant’s solution ensures that all the remaining teeth have been properly aligned.

Patients suffering from periodontal disease will often have to deal with the loss of a tooth or several teeth. This is an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition that causes jaw inflammation and soreness. Furthermore, impacted teeth can impede gums from healing resulting in further pain and discomfort. A dental implant solution addresses periodontal disease issues by providing stable and secure bone and gum support, thereby allowing for effective management of periodontal disease and helping reduce the level of pain.