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4 Tips on Using Heavy Duty Silage Covers During the Bale Wrapping Process

Bale wrapping is a delicate process that involves a lot of products needed to wrap and store fresh silage effectively. Fresh off of the field, silage needs to be covered and stored right away. Doing so will preserve all of its nutrients and make sure it will yield into high-quality forage for your farm animals. By investing in heavy-duty silage covers, you will be producing high-quality feed throughout the entire year. When using silage wraps, here are some tips that you might find useful during the baling process.


Cover as Soon as Possible

You must cover your silages in the film as soon as it comes out of the field. Keep in mind that freshly harvested silage tends to develop moisture right away, which is a strong proponent for spoilage. That’s why you’ll need to cover your bales with the plastic film right away to prevent this from happening. It will also help create the anaerobic environment required for the silage to thrive.

Don’t Skimp on Plastic Quality or Thickness

Always go for high-quality, heavy-duty silage covers. The extra expense might sting on your budget, but the returns will be significant. Your silage production will yield a much improved dry matter recovery, contributing to the overall high-quality of the animals feed. When baling, you should also make sure to use plastic that’s at least five millimetres in thickness. Use dual layers, with a black inner and white outer layer. This format will reduce deterioration. A plastic silage film with increased oxygen barrier is also an ideal choice to use.


Cover the Entire Slope

A common mistake that a lot of farmers do is not covering the entire slop of silage. You’ll need to cover the whole lot, or else moisture will develop in some uncovered areas, which will, later on, offer the majority of the batch of silage. By covering the entire bunker or silo, you can potentially fully preserve the whole batch. That means there will be fewer spoils and more quality forage for your farm animals.


Make Sure There’s Enough Weight

Another common problem is not putting the right amount of pressure when covering silos or containers for storage. Keep in mind that while a full cover is crucial, adding the right amount of weight is equally significant. It will ensure that your silage is locked in fully. It will also guarantee that there won’t be any moisture that goes through your silage covers. By doing so, you’re doing a huge favour for yourself and your silage.


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