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Popular Conditions That Orthodontists Treat

Orthodontics is an exciting branch of dentistry that focuses on specific teeth problems such as gaps or issues with alignment. This service is accessible in Australia and many other regions around the world. This article will give you an overview of the most common oral conditions that Lidums Dental Orthodontics Adelaide experts treat.



  1. Crowded Teeth

Orthodontic experts cater to patients who have problems with “too much” teeth growing in their mouth. When the mouth has more teeth than usual, it can be hard to care for each tooth, especially in areas where one tooth overlaps the other.

Experts recommend getting crowded teeth checked as early as possible. As with other medical conditions, the earlier the diagnosis, the better your chances are for getting the appropriate treatment without going through continuous bouts of pain.


  1. Gaps

As mentioned, teeth gaps are better left in the hands of experts at Lidums Dental Orthodontics Adelaide. There should be no spaces in the area where teeth grow since extra spaces can trigger gingivitis and other gum-related disorders.

Orthodontic experts mostly recommend braces for teeth gaps to push the affected teeth together. This will help prevent gum conditions. In turn, healthy gums will reduce the possibilities of developing tooth decay or erosion.


  1. Misalignment

Sometimes, teeth don’t grow properly. In some cases, teeth grow at a different angle than expected, or a single tooth erupts from the gum halfway. Orthodontics specialists will fix the problem through various methods.

For others, aligners may be the best option. On the other hand, a simple extraction may be enough to remove the misaligned tooth that hampers with the way you talk or eat. Braces can also help in some cases, but every condition is not the same, so your dentist will recommend what will suit your circumstance best.


  1. Preventive Measures

For some children who regularly visit the dentist, early signs of potential teeth problems may be present. To prevent damage brought on by natural aging, preventive measures will be recommended by an orthodontist.

These measures include the use of expanders to ensure that the teeth will grow where they should be. Early extractions may also be carried out for a tooth that appears to be growing over another tooth that’s already in place.

Depending on your condition, your orthodontic procedures may last for months or years. However, it is still best to undergo the recommended methods to prevent future suffering or chronic pain. This is especially true if the dentist notices issues early on or during your first visit.

The ultimate goal of orthodontics is to help patients develop confidence and trust in oneself. Consult with a specialist today and follow through with professional advice.