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When To Tell If It’s Time to Call a Plumber?

When we speak of plumbing problems, most people tend to fix it on a do-it-yourself basis. In times where you experience low water pressure, you can do cleaning on the showerhead, examine the water meter valve, or do some other simple repairs. You can also immediately tighten up the existing trap or buy a new low-cost one if the trap beneath your kitchen or bathroom sinks drips.

However, with so many plumbing problems that are easy to fix, how will you determine if it is time for you to call in a Plumber Gawler?

1 – There’s a water supply line leak.

Plumber GawlerWhen water line bursts and causes significant flooding all through the house. Though it is unusual and rarely happen but when it does, you need to act fast.

First, check for any intermediary water supply cut-off valves situated near to the leak. You might find either a knob-style or knife cut-off valve that drips off water to the leak alone and not to the entire house. If you fail to determine that, turn off your home’s main water shut-off valve. After shutting down the water, find a plumber that can come right away.

2 – You have no water.

In situations wherein water stops to flow within your house; usually, it concentrates around one area, like a bathroom sink or shower. But seldom will water cease flowing to your entire home.

You also must check all water outlets within the house to confirm that none of them is receiving water. Don’t forget to inspect both the hot and cold water supplies; usually, the cold side is still operable while hot water is no longer delivered when the problem is with the water heater.

You will have a severe plumbing problem if you still cannot get the water to run. There is a high tendency that the buried water pipe leading from the street side water meter to your house has burst or severely damaged, diverting water intended for your home. Or might be that the leak concentrates around the water meter.

3 – You’re experiencing a drainage line leak

Kitchen and bathroom sink leakages from the trap directly below the counter are a common problem that most homeowners can restore using simple tools and materials. Such an issue is easy to fix, simply turn off the water, get under the sink, and replace the trap. In the case of the kitchens, the leak might be coming from the garbage disposal. In this situation, merely fix or replace the garbage disposal.

However, drainage lines extend far away from the sink cabinets are not accessible. When a drainage line is wrapped up behind a wall or buried under the floor and is aggressively leaking, you must take urgent action. The most appropriate way to fix such issue is to call a Plumber Gawler. Always remember that it is by far the only sensible way of resolving the problem.