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4 Common Mistakes in Designing Retaining Walls Sydney

Inadequate Drainage System

The drainage system of a retaining wall doesn’t get enough credit for the role that it performs. It’s the reason your lawn doesn’t suffer from floods and muddy soil. This drainage system does a lot of work in negating rainwater and redirecting it outside of your property. However, most of the time, it gets overlooked – especially if the homeowner is opting for DIY retaining wall construction. Without the keen eye of a professional retaining walls Sydney builder, there are just little instances where this particular part of the structure gets some love and attention. That’s why when designing your retaining wall, make sure it has drainage.

retaining walls SydneyUnderestimating Your Soil

The durability and sturdiness will not only depend on the type of materials that are being used. It also depends highly on the kind of soil you have. If you have soil that’s soft and mushy, then you’ll need more support to be able to build a retaining wall. Without the proper information on the type of soil you have, you can potentially compromise the quality and durability of the retaining wall you’re going to build regardless of the quality materials that you use. So when it comes to designing your retaining walls Sydney, never underestimate your soil.

Not Doing Global Stability Analysis Before Construction

Now, this a bit on the technical side of things, but is still worth the consideration. There have been many retaining wall designs that tend to overlook the check of global stability to other entities. Global stability is the mechanism where your retaining wall, including the soil being and below it, tends to rotate. If the global stability check determines that there isn’t a factor of safety in the design, then the most obvious way to fix that issue it to change the design altogether. So, to avoid any inconveniences, make sure you get global stability analysis on the retaining wall design that you’re going to implement.

Not Hiring Professionals

Finally, we’d like to emphasise the importance of hiring professionals for the design and construction of your retaining wall. Yes, it’s a pretty exciting DIY project. But are you willing to waste a lot of money every time you get it wrong? Are you ready to spend a considerable chunk of your time on retaining walls Sydney? We don’t want to underestimate your capabilities, but it seems that DIY retaining wall construction is just not the best option to take.