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Three Reasons Why Stump Removal Will Change Your Life

When you’re removing an old tree at home, there are so many thoughts that pop up of your mind. One of them is the question, ‘Should I remove the tree stump as well?’ You may have second thoughts but let us get in the way by saying that you should put stump removal as priority number one after you remove the upper part of your tree.

The reason is that a tree stump contains the roots and other significant parts of a tree. Not removing your stump means all your efforts in removing your tree will be put to waste since you’re not getting the job done thoroughly. Stump removal Gold Coast is essential, and this article will tell you why.

In the aftermath of your tree removal project, you may think that it’s okay to leave your stump behind. However, you’re making a huge mistake, as a stump will only give you problems in the future. Here are some downsides of not removing your tree stump:

A Home for Pests and Wild Animals

Dead stumps are the best place if you’re looking for the pests that have been devastating your yard. You can find any pests like termites, crickets, worms, and ants. If you get lucky, you’ll also find some snakes rats, or even a mole, there. A stump has the best qualities and environment for pests to thrive. So, if you’re looking to exterminate these pests, start by removing your tree stump. Visit this link to learn how to deal pests and wild animals living in your tree stump.

A Leech

Tree stumps are known as the biggest leeches in your yard. If you’re wondering why the stump in your tree hasn’t died out, that’s because its roots are still sapping away some nutrients in the ground that’s supposed to be for your garden plants. What’s worse is that it can potentially re-grow your tree. If that happens, you’re right back in square one.

Takes Up Some Precious Space

You may not notice it, but your stump is taking away a piece of good ground in your backyard. Not only does it limit your ability to use your yard, but you also can’t extend your living space with it around. With stump removal Gold Coast, you don’t have to worry about it ever again.

Get Your Stump Removed

Make the most of your outdoor area by removing the hazard that is your tree stump. Call for stump removal Gold Coast today. You can also visit our website to learn more about what tree stump can do.