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3 Website Design & Development Adelaide Tips to Improve Your Website in 2020

Within the first five seconds of landing on your website, can your visitors determine what your company does and what you have to offer? Can users navigate quickly to blogs and other pages without experiencing confusion? Is the overall layout of your page easy to understand? If the majority of your answer to these questions is a ‘no,’ your website is probably dealing with a high bounce rate. If that’s the case, then it might be time to take a hard look at the way you’ve been optimizing and designing your website.


Good website design & development Adelaide is critical towards improving the user experience on your website, which results in a better overall impression and increase in total revenue. A website can’t succeed with limited aspects. It needs to have a design complements well into your website’s overall user experience, functionality, and content. At the same time, your website also needs to communicate with your audience clearly what your brand is all about. It talks about your brand, your services, and your target audience. So, with that said, what are the things that you need to start improving your website? To answer that, here are some essential tips to ensure that you’re going in the right direction with your website design and development.


Create a Plan


Don’t just start redesigning your website blindly. To ensure that your website redesign will meet the needs of your visitors, you must map out your buyer’s journey from the moment they visit your website for the first time, to the moment they become your customer. Learn more about it by clicking this link.


Remove Unnecessary Clutter in Your Website


The more features you have on your site, the slower it’s going to be. Keep in mind that the standard loading speed for any website is three seconds. So, if your website’s load speed goes beyond the usual timing, you’ll need to fix it as it’s going to be a factor in people bouncing out of your site. Also, remove complicated animals, long blocks of content, and stock web images on your site as these elements do nothing to improve overall website design & development Adelaide.


Integrate Social Share Buttons


Creating great and compelling content and offers will only go so far if you’re not giving users the option to share what you have to offer. That’s why you should also add social share buttons to allow users to share your content with their social media accounts.


For more tips on how to improve your website design & development Adelaide for 2020 and beyond, check out our blog page. You can also talk to one of our professional web developers to get more insight and information.