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The Many Ways People Benefit from a Weighted Blanket Therapy

Weighted blankets offer numerous exceptional benefits that you should know about. From the aid in easing the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder up to helping insomniacs get the sleep they need at night; no doubt, weighted blankets can exceptionally address many health problems. According to research, you will successfully create a physical connection that comes with an abundance of positive effects on the hormones governing the nervous system, affecting both the stress level and mood of an individual by understanding weighted blanket therapy guidelines.

  1. It enhances the production of dopamine and serotonin.

A gentle yet effective pressure that goes deep within the body is what a weighted blanket provides. This “deep-touch pressure stimulation” or otherwise called “proprioceptive pressure significantly promotes the release of two brain chemicals, which are the dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals will produce a calming effect on your body that effectively fights against depression, anxiety, stress and any other disorders.

  1. It reduces the production of stress hormones.

Your sleep pattern will improve if you cover yourself with a therapeutic weighted blanket as it grounds your body, producing a calming effect; as a result, reducing the stress hormones in your body. The distribution of stress hormones in the body known as night-time levels of cortisol that produces a negative effect on digestion, blood sugar, and immunity will be significantly reduced.

  1. It helps improve the release of oxytocin.

The warmth and sense of security that the pressure of the weighted blanket provides can be similarly compared to a hug. According to research, hugs help to increase the release of oxytocin hormone in the body that helps create a feeling of relaxation, making you feel at ease. No doubt, you will have an improved sleep as your body relaxes since oxytocin also slows down the heart and reduces blood pressure.

  1. It rids of insomnia.

Whether you are having some trouble getting to sleep or can’t stay asleep and keeps on waking up in the wee hours much too early, it is only some of the variety of patterns of insomnia. It is undeniable that it is a problem that many people face. Fortunately, a weighted blanket can potentially help. People who have tried using it have testified that weighted blankets help them to sleep longer with less to no disturbance. When they use the weighted blanket before going to sleep, they become less restless.

  1. It dramatically boosts melatonin levels.

Weighted blanket therapy guidelines also tell you that melatonin hormones that are responsible for promoting sleep and regulation of sleep cycle are also released when weighted blanket stimulates serotonin. And that is exceptionally the beauty and advantage of a weighted blanket over other types. No doubt, a tense, anxious and restless person will get the sleep they badly need with the weighted blanket’s pressure that promotes a calming and soothing environment that is conducive to sleep.